Angel Oak Park


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Angle Oak Park


Every time locals bring first-time visitors to see the Angel Oak, it’s the same story. The newcomers have no idea the tree is going to be so big. Sprawling and majestic, it’s estimated to be at least hundreds of—maybe even more than a 1,000—years old. The Johns Island tree creates a whopping 17,000-square-feet of shade in a three-acre park with picnic tables and a gift shop.

This impressively massive live oak is believed to be more than 1500 years old, having survived many hurricanes earthquakes. The incredible heights stretch up 65 feet, with a trunk 25 feet in circumference, and twisting, crooked limbs that extend out over 160 feet, and provides shade over more than 17,000 square feet earth. Named for the family who once owned this John's Island property, the Angel Oak now occupies a public park tended by the City of Charleston. The Angel Oak is believed to be the oldest living thing this side of the Rocky Mountains, and is a truly beautiful piece of Charleston's natural history.

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